Seth Riley, PT, DPT, CHT

Certified Hand Therapist - Certified in Dry Needling - Graston Technique Certified
Seth Riley, PT, DPT, CHT

Nothing makes an invested physical therapist happier than to hear of patients improving their function. It is one thing to see progress in measurable outcomes, and quite another when a patient walks into their follow up appointment and gleefully proclaims, “Guess what I can do now!” 

I am particularly whole when I have put my time into exercising, as well as into learning new clinical skills to improve patient care. This is another exciting element of being a physical therapist – one has the opportunity to never stop growing and to provide credible and clinically relevant care, revolving around evidence-based medicine and years of clinical experience. Recently, I have become a provider of Graston Technique, dry needling, and have advanced my skills in taping techniques, all through continuing education. 

This is what I live for as a multi-faceted specialist. I graduated from the University of Utah with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2005, then went on to a 5-year residency to focus on the hand and upper extremity and passed my board exams through the Hand Therapy Certification Committee to become a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) in 2011. In becoming a specialist, I promised I would not paint myself into a corner with all the education which I had received prior to the niche of hand and upper extremity. Therefore, I love to keep myself on my toes and treat in the areas of general orthopedics, balance and vestibular, torticollis and plagiocephaly, industrial rehabilitation as well. 

Lastly, I am a firm believer in establishing a relationship with patients where they feel comfortable enough to provide all information necessary to come to a true diagnosis. Really listening to the patient is critical. 

Orthopedic Specialty: Certified Hand Therapist, orthopedics
Non-traditional Specialty: Balance & vestibular rehab, torticollis