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Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists


Tommy Grundy

Rated: 5 stars

The staff was amazing! Great people who take care of you and work to get you better.

Thanks Matt and Emery


John Scott

They were very professional,very kind & caring,very thoughtful in their treatment programs & exercises they prescribed.Can't say enough about how great they are.Mary Scott.

Douglas Tapking

Rated: 5 stars

Good people, very helpful. Easy to get to location. Understandable and realistic work programs

Gary Barker

Rated: 5 stars

Shari is a phenomenal therapist and Jackson is a very effective aid. Overall they had me fixed up in less than a month.

Kerstina Suazo

Rated: 5 stars

Matt and his team are amazing, I felt very comfortable. They were very professional and so helpful. I was given a great plan and goals and they worked perfectly. So happy I went to them and I feel amazing.

George Fisher

Greg and his crew are the best. I have progressed from two crutches to a cane now. They care and they are good. I have learned not all physical therapists are equal. Glad I found them. It has been almost a year since a botched back surgery left my left leg near paralyzed. I am getting my strength and coordination back.

Jess Weagle

Rated: 5 stars

I absolutely love this place! The staff is incredible. I work with Matt G. as my therapist. He, as well as the aids answer all my questions and make sure I am comfortable. I definitely know that I have improved since coming here. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Laurie Gee Foote

Kim Massizari, PT is fantastic. Knowledgeable and personable made my pt times most enjoyable and profitable. I do not hesitate to recommend her for any pt needs.

Sam Ellis

Rated: 5 stars

The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I had suffered from lower back pain for months. Steve Crandall was able to accurately diagnose and treat me immediately. After months of conflicting diagnosis from other doctors it was such a relief when Steve Crandall was able to get me walking and participating in normal daily activities after the first visit. If you are having any pain he will figure out why and fix you. The scheduling was also very flexible and they were able to cater to my busy schedule. If I could give more than five stars I would

Mitch Spackman

Rated: 5 stars

Kim did a fantastic job curing my lower back pain. The staff is also very friendly. I would highly recommend the Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy facility.

Brant Blanch

Rated: 5 stars

Ideal experience. Personal, compassionate, professional and effective.

Sheryl Martin

Rated: 5 stars

This is my second experience with Hand and Ortho and Steve Crandall. My first experience was following foot surgery in 2017. My recent therapy has been for my back.

I have scoliosis and have just completed therapy for my back. Steve Crandall is an excellent therapist. The staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I did a home therapy program in addition to office visits. My muscle strength has improved and I have a variety of different skills to help me when I do have a problem. I would recommend them without reservation.

Paul Runnoe

Rated: 5 stars

Dave Moss and staff are friendly, professional, courteous, and accessible. I love the convenient parking and ability to make or modify an appointment within a weeks time. Very reasonable with insurance. I had an issue that needed an outside sports medicine Dr for additional treatment and Dave was the one who suggested it. Fond memories of getting healthy here!

German Hortal


I cant remember the last time I've felt as good as I do now after going to Hand and Orthopdic Physical Therapy. What Jay and his team did for in just one month has been incredible. Besides being great therapist they were all extremely professional, kind, caring and fun people to be around. I enjoyed coming to therapy. I amÿsomewhat sad that I'm feeling better because I wont be coming back any time soon.

They didnt just fix the pain I was complaining about in my knee they helped me be 100% pain free. That included my shin splint, my hip pains, my lower back, shoulders everything. These people are incredible.

Erica Burrows Maycock

This place is a life-saver, literally! No matter how many physical therapists, doctors, specialists, chiropractors you have seen, come and see Greg here at the BOUNTIFUL LOCATION, he has completely changed my life! He approaches your pain differently than anyone ive ever met. After just 5 visits, I am 60-70% better than I was, and I have been dealing with this lower back issue- hardly able to walk for over 3 years, AND had a failed back surgery

Sarah Simpson

Rated: 5 stars

Everyone is super friendly encouraging and knowledgeable. Matt and Emery are the best!

eman khalfan

Rated: 5 stars

Justin is a phenomenal therapist , I went due to pain in my shoulder and my neck after 6 weeks I felt really better and improving with his efforts to get my shoulder and my neck back to perfect , I really appreciate all the friendly team in this place.

Rachel Peterson

Rated: 5 stars

Lauren was amazing. She talked me through what was going on with my body and why it might be acting the way it was and made sure that I was comfortable at all times. Thanks guys!

Eman Hussein

Rated: 5 stars

Justin is a phenomenal therapist , I went due to pain in my shoulder and my neck after 6 weeks I felt really better and improving with his efforts to get my shoulder and my neck back to perfect. I really appreciate him and friendly team in this place.

Sue Stowe

Rated: 5 stars

Shari Ahlswede MOT,OTR/L Occupational Therapist-Hand ......on Susan Osaki's team. Susan Osaki has been at Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy for 32 years which in my opinion says ALOT about her and her team. Can you imagine how much they actually love their job...have encountered all types of hand injuries....and in a short period of time made my hand that felt like elephantitus and full of scar tissue and mega pain with not much hope ...to a full functioning hand again! They even honor and listen to crazy ideas you might come up with that might be just the thing your body healing might just need. Despite how gruesome P.T. can be , they greet you with a smile and before long you find yourself going through the exercises at home, or watching TV or at stop lights that they taught you at P.T. I'm more than highly IMPRESSED with Shari, Kirsten, Kiley, Jackson, and of course Susan. I wouldn't even think about going somewhere else. Their bag of tools is "endless"!--- seriously! Another very professional quality I found out about Shari is that during the first & second session of working on my hands she recognized the imbalance and pain and huge problem in my neck of which I had told her nothing. BUT she explained to me the importance of "FLO" like a pearl necklace of nerves that run from your neck all the way down your arm directly ending and very deeply affecting each finger in your entire hand. So she suggested I might go see Brie the physical therapist who does dry needling. You need a prescription to see an Occupational therapist but not a p.t. if recommended by the O.T! I was beyond shocked to see Shari take initiative in such a professional caring observant way without really knowing me. That's a true professional and one who cares about her patients. Why go anywhere else when you have the best team that interacts with their co-workers on your behalf ...which is a beautiful thing. Thank you Shari, Susan, Kirsten, Kiley & Jackson for such dedication and knowledge and care of my arthritis hands that actually feel young again. You all have been the Rock of Gibraltar for me. Smiles

Ellie M.

Rated: 5 stars

My experience at Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy was fantastic. They have wonderful staff. Kim and Sierra were amazing to work with. Very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. I am so happy I finally found such a great Physical Therapy after trying couple of different places and having bad experience. I will definitely come back there whenever I need more treatment and recommend it to all my family and friends. Thanks for the awesome experience!

Dyan Johnson

Rated: 5 stars

Kim is a wonderful physical therapist! She listened to my concerns and created a program that helped tremendously. When I first went I couldn't bend over to pick things up or go down the stairs. After a few months of exercises, e-stim,  massage, and stretches my knee has improved and virtually pain free.  Kim is experienced and very knowl

JD Hicks

Rated: 5 stars

All Personnel especially Kim and Sierra were very friendly and competent. Facility was convenient for me and pleasant every visit.

Linda Slater

Rated: 5 stars

This is the best Physical Therapy place in Utah,  hands down!! I had such a great experience with Kim and Sierra, informed, helpful, and beyond caring.  Professional healing for my body.Thank you for a  great experience!!

Heather Hadfield

Rated: 5 stars

Kim was excellent.  She was able to resolve my concerns quickly and get to the root of the problem.   I would highly recommend them.

Annie Goddard

Rated: 5 stars

Kim is phenomenal! She saw me at my worst and took care of me until I felt my best. She is knowledgeable and has great bedside manner. I’m so glad I found Kim!

Sandra Reay

Rated: 5 stars

Kim and Ciera are amazing to work with.  They are very knowledgeable and explain every aspect of the treatment plan with you.  You are involved in every aspect of your rehab.

Elona Hayward

Rated: 5 stars

Kim was an amazing therapist.  Very professional and helpful. After my first visit, I was able to put my arm back, which I had not been able to do since my injury. I highly recommend Kim and if the need arises, I will definitely go back.  I have been very happy with the results.

Danielle Strong

Rated: 5 stars

This is the second time that I’ve gone to hand and orthopedic physical therapy. I have been completely satisfied both times. Kim was my therapist this last time and was tremendous. The service I received was always great and thorough in what my treatment was going to be. I would recommend this facility to anybody in need of physical therapy. And I will go back if I am ever in need of physical therapy. What a great  this is the second time that I’ve gone to Hand And Ortho Pete it physical therapy. I have been completely satisfied both times. Kim was my therapist this last time and was tremendous. The service I received was always great and thorough I’m with my treatment was going to be. I would recommend this facility to anybody in need of physical therapy. And I will go back if I am ever in need of physical therapy. What a great place!!

Janice Fletcher

Rated: 5 stars

After shoulder surgery in December 2017 I was directed to the Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists in Murray for a series of therapy sessions. I am in the middle of my therapy and have been so impressed with the professional atmosphere or the staff at this facility. It was immediately evident to me that my therapist, Kimberly M. loved helping people. Kim has a passion for what she does and the knowledge and skills to back up that passion. Kim is a problem solver and customized each session for specific things I need during therapy. I feel most fortunate to have Kim as my therapist and would recommend her to all my family and friends. As a side note, Kim has one fantastic aide, ‘C’. Between the two of them each patient is cared for in a timely manner with much care and concern.

Monica Paluso

Rated: 5 stars

I was referred to Kim Mazzella by my spine doctor - he wanted to see if dry needling helped my pain. Kim is a magician! I would absolutely recommend her - she is an amazing therapist (believe me, I’ve had a lot of PT over the last 7 yrs at different facilities. This was by far the best)

Aarti Vig

Rated: 5 stars

Thank you Kim n Sierra for helping out with my knee issues ! I feel so much better and awesome :) thanks to you ,I can continue dancing, performing and doing all the activities that I loved but were painful. 

You gals are the best !!!

Susan Cochella

Rated: 5 stars

Kim and Sierra fixed me! I like to do lots of sports but an ankle sprain was getting in the way.They supported my picky goals, worked around my schedule, and stuck with it till I was fully back to all my activities. They even made it fun. I’ll be back next time i have any musculoskeletal needs.

Mona Jager

Rated: 5 stars

This is an amazing facility with professional, friendly service.  My therapist,  Kim Mazzella, is wonderful.She is very knowledgeable  and never forgets she has an obligation to your health.  She is warm, personable and friendly. Her aide,  Sierra is very dedicated to keeping IKim's clients on track and moving forward. 

I have made obvious strides in a healthy direction and recovery  I would recommend this facility, staff and especially Kim to anyone!

Melanie Hanson

Rated: 5 stars

My PT was Kim. She was awesome!  Her assistant Sierra was great too!  She was able to help me feel so much better. I lived through pain for so long and wondered why I waited so long!  Amazing!  Thank you!

Caleb Bowen

Rated: 5 stars

My son and I were both treated at the Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic.  My experience there was wonderful!   Not only were the exercises extremely helpful in strengening and mobilizing my knees and ankle after a stem cell procedure, but the personalized, encouraging, upbeat attitude of my therapist, Kim, and the whole staff, made the process that much more enjoyable and healing on all levels!  This is the third time I have received help from this clinic.  I look forward to returning and would recommend it to anyone with physical therapy needs.My son and I were both treated at the Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic.  My experience there was wonderful!   Not only were the exercises extremely helpful in strengening and mobilizing my knees and ankle after a stem cell procedure, but the personalized, encouraging, upbeat attitude of my therapist, Kim, and the whole staff, made the process that much more enjoyable and healing on all levels!  This is the third time I have received help from this clinic.  I look forward to returning and would recommend it to anyone with physical therapy needs.

Bruce J

Rated: 5 stars

I had a great experience with this clinic for physical therapy. In particular, Kim Mazzella is a total rockstar! After surgery along my hip/groin, I had some ongoing pain that would increase with activity..was quite worried about the success of the surgery and whether I was doing harm to the area whenever doing activity. Kim listened to my concerns, dialed in on what the cause might be, and created a therapy plan, helping me become confident that the surgery was successful and within three weeks, left me pain free, feeling great. Sierra, her coworker, was also very helpful in helping me perform the exercises and execute the therapy plan. Overall, very happy with this clinic!

Ann Fanky

Rated: 5 stars

I'm 27 and this was my very first time needing physical therapy. I was having some issues with my neck which was interfering with my work life and my school life. I am a full time worker and full time student so finding times that fit in my schedule was going to be tough but they fit me in. I was also concerned about getting better since my life was so busy. My therapist was Kim Mazella and I highly recommend her! She made me feel comfortable, and she really CARES about her patients. She gave me a safe place to come and be stress free and work on my neck pain. I even missed a few appointments (one due to a final I had) and Kim was able to get me in later in the week! Along with Kim, the assistants and all the staff were super friendly and I would definitely come to them again. I had a wonderful experience here.

Bob D

Rated: 5 stars

Due to an auto accident I sought the help of Hand and Orthopedic PT Specialists. Over the course of several visits, I was able to return to my regular activities much quicker than anticipated with no restrictions, 

and with no lasting effects from the accident. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and personal attention of Kim Manzella and her associate, Sierra. They took a real interest in my well being and recovery and gave me ample time each visit. I have no doubt that without their help my recovery would have taken weeks if not months longer. I would recommend them highly to friends in need of PT, and if the need arises I would seek their help in the future.

Holly DeVries

Rated: 5 stars

I came to Kim in severe pain in my back and leg. Now I have graduated.  I do not have pain and I am back to hiking.  Kim is brilliant creating a specific care plan just for me.  She is so compassionate, encouraging, takes the time to truly listen.  She takes the time to thoroughly answer questions and concerns.  She is an advocate for me working with my doctor.  I would highly recommend Kim for your Physical Therapist.  I am so grateful to have had her!

Daneen Viehweg

Rated: 5 stars

It was by random luck I got Kim as my therapist at that first phone call.  During my first few visits, I KNEW I had the BEST. 

Kim is professional, friendly, intuitive, and her industry knowledge has blown my mind. I highly recommend Kim.  I love, love, love her! Very impressed!!

Annabeth Christie

Rated: 5 stars

I have needed a lot of PT the last 2 years and I have seen many therapists. Kim Mazzella and her assistant Sierra are exceptional!!! I had REAL results and lasting relief. I am SO grateful for their care and attention.

Rebecca Higginson

I have had back pain/shoulder pain for years after I got hit by a car. Over the years the pain has gotten worse so I decided I should go see someone. Through a family member I heard about Kim and I came in to see her right away. What an incredible experience I have had seeing her over the last two months! I look forward to going to physical therapy every week. I feel so much better after I go and Kim is so understanding and kind! I used to suffer from back pain every day but now, after only two months, I only feel pain once or twice a week! Kim is a miracle worker! I would give her five and a half stars but this website won’t let me...

Jerry Wright

Rated: 5 stars

Kim, my physical therapist, is top notch! She is experienced, kind, and uplifting. Having had the same surgery as me, she understands exactly not only the therapy I need, but she  understands the stages of progress for my specific rehab. 

Jenna and Jordan, assistants to Kim, take time to show me the exercises,  and correct me, when needed, to get the proper form. They are very open and friendly, which makes my rehab pleasant, not boring. 

The facilities are always clean. The receptionists are very kind, courteous, and professional.

Jules M

Rated: 5 stars

Kim Mazzella is an amazing Physical Therapist!  I have had physical therapy multiple times in my life, and I can say that hands down she is top notch.  She doesn't just leave you to the care of her aide or assistant like many large physical therapy practices, but is heavily involved in your care throughout your full time of treatment.  She is very good at taking extra time to help explain your prognosis and including you in the the plan for rehabilitation.  I would highly recommend her and have already referred friends and family to her.

Jennifer Diederich

My PT is Kim - she is fantastic! Kim listens to what is going on and focuses on helping you to get back to your life. She is a patient advocate with your insurance. Kim has a wide variety of methods for treating from regular PT, dry needling, Graston technique, and she is very creative in simulating the activities/sports your returning to.

Mike Christopulos

Rated: 5 stars

This has been the first time I have ever experienced physical therapy. The staff is well experienced, gentle and friendly. Kim was my personal therapist. She CAREFULLY used her techniques of therapy to restore my arm from a zero to a hero. Thanks kim for your precise details in giving me a totally restored arm again. Don't go to " just a clinic". Go to the best. Hand and orthopedic physical therapy.

DJ Astro

Rated: 5 stars

I highly reccomend this office. I especially reccomend Kim and her assistant Sierra. Kim is a highly experienced and knowlegeable Physical therapist. Her assistant Sierra is excellent. They both show alot of sincere care. I started going to KIm with two problems, first to give me pain releif on my knee that will eventually need replacing, second for a back problem with two herniating discs that will also need surgery.  Kim's knoledge and expertise reduced my knee pain by 85%, as for my back she reduced the pain again by 85%. BTW, I am 64 yers old, each and everytime I had an appointment my pain was reduced more and more. I will always use her services when in need.

Charlie Taylor

Rated: 5 stars

Ryan and the team are fantastic! Working on back PT, Ryan and the whole team are very professional, knowledgeable and kind. They listened to my concerns and addressed them each individually. Rehab for 6 weeks and feeling stronger, just as important they provided a long term program that I can continue at home. Would highly recommend!

Shayna Zeidner

Rated: 5 stars

I couldnt recommend a Physical Therpapist more than Ryan and his staff. Not only did Ryan follow-up directly with my surgeon, but the staff always catered to my current needs and always provided support toward my strengthening and recovery goals. I've been so happy with the amount of care and dedication from this team that I will not go anywhere else when receiving follow-up physical therapy for any condition.

Jason Griffith

Rated: 5 stars

Great place for Physical therapy! If you go make sure to see Ryan Fuhiman and his team. Ryan is very knowledgeable and treats you with such care. He and his team are very personable and friendly, it makes the therapy a fun process rather than a misery. I have another surgery this year and will definitely be using Ryan and his team again.

Stephanie Woods

Rated: 5 stars

I worked with Ryan Furhiman and his team.  They were all exceptional!! I highly recommend working with them.  They were positive, encouraging and I looked forward to going into my appointments.  If I ever need physical therapy again I will definitely go back and work with them.  If you are looking for a physical therapist, go and see Ryan and his team!!

terri hammond

Rated: 5 stars

Ryan and everyone that work at Hand and Orthopedic PT are just amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly. They listen to you and really care about what you have to say. They will always be my first choice of I need any PT.

Markae Evans

Rated: 5 stars

Ryan Fuhriman is a wonderful physical therapist. Very thorough, personable, and spent lots of time helping me with my Achilles problem. I would recommend him to anyone needing a knowledgeable, skilled therapist.

Scott Davis

Rated: 5 stars

Ryan and his team were professional and very easy to work with. I felt comfortable and like they really cared about helping me get better.

Megan Holbrook

Rated: 5 stars

Went there with complications after acl surgery, and the staff was wonderful and Ryan the therapist was fantastic! Loved my experience there. 

mark bain

Rated: 5 stars

I just gotta say that I had 11 weeks of therapy for my shoulder, Ryan and his team worked with me and taught me the exercises that I could continue to do at home. The plan they left me with prevented any treatments that involved injections, or surgeries.

Kathryn Egan

Rated: 5 stars

Have had several sessions with the crew--Casey is great and the new Casey is as well.  Ryan said they could help me with pain from back surgery, which I thought was a permanent fixture, and now the pain is gone.  Thanks.

Erin Brinton

efore coming to this clinic, I had seen so many physical therapists, orthepedists, and other specialists but had experienced little to no improvements in my pain levels.  I was really worn out by the time I started receiving treatments from Lauren Johnson as well as Todd Schwartz.  Both Lauren and Todd were more determined than anyone else I had seen to help me get better.  Their communication, honesty, and organization was extremely impressive.  I really appreciated their wholistic approach  and willingness to try new or different treatments.  Because of their dedication I was finally able to heal from the pain I had been experiencing in my tailbone, elbows, and knees.  Before seeing Todd and Lauren, I could not sit for longer than 5 minutes, use my arms in any kind of repetitive motion, or run for longer than a few minutes without feeling pain.  Now I am back to a normal lifestyle, and am able to pursue the things I love again, including my hobby as a runner as well as my career as a pianist.

Todd and his team are amazing!!! I’d been having back problems for quite some time, so I finally decided to go in and let them do their magic!! They listen to your problems and concerns and are very through at explaining your course of treatment and going through your exercises. After trying Todd’s dry needing treatment my pain has completely gone away!!  Thank you!!!

Mary Ann Hatch

Rated: 5 stars

I loved this wonderful place for rehabilitation after my complete knee replacement. I felt each therapist took a great personal interest in my progress. Todd Swartz was my main therapist. He approached my knee with skill and care. It is a place of healing and progress. I was so happy to “graduate” but I really miss seeing the wonderful people there!

Phyllis H

Rated: 5 stars

Todd S. and his team were WONDERFUL! Every visit was hard working,

informative and very positive and up beat. Thank you Todd and others

for helping my broken ankle to heal and become stronger. Also a BIG

THANKS  goes to Susan in OT and her girls for helping me with my broken

wrist.  Hard work at therapy and at home paid off. I definitely recommend

Todd and Susan.

C Young

Rated: 5 stars

I have been working with Todd's team and have had much relief with my neck and shoulder.  They are still working on my mid and lower back.  His team is professional, caring, and proficient.  Todd has been using dry needling, massage, exercises, and physical therapy to help me with some very old and chronic injuries.  I highly recommend this very skilled pt along with his very caring team.

Linda Taylor

Rated: 5 stars

The Physical Therapist Todd Schwartz in nothing short of amazing.  He helped get rid of the terrible pain in my knee that I have had for the past two years.  He used a dry needling technique along with exercises, heat and another technique using tools to smooth the muscle.  I have had five treatments or so and have improved 80%.  The tendinosis  in my knee has limited my mobility in all areas of my life and thanks to Todd, I am almost back to normal.  I would hghly recommend him and his clinic.

Steve Hudson

Todd Schwartz is an outstanding care provider that cured me of two problems; a pinched neck nerve, and sciatica nerve pain in my right leg.  Using physical therapy to relieve strained neck muscles, and physical therapy to relieve tense muscles in my leg, followed by "dry needles" and electric stimulation from my spine to my right foot, I feel like a new man.  It sounds like the treatment would be difficult and uncomfortable, but Todd and his staff are very gentle and the process turned out to be just what I needed.  I no longer have the pinched nerves and dizziness from my neck and head, and my sciatica pain has disappeared.  I highly recommend Hand and Orthopedic Physical Specialists and Todd Schwartz, who have improved my life greatly.  

Melissa B

Rated: 5 stars

I was referred to Hand & Orthopedic PT (and Todd in particular) for problems with my neck.  I could not be more pleased!  Finally someone was able to recognize and treat problems I have been having for years!  (I went to lots of other specialists in the past and no one was even able to properly diagnose the issues.)

Kevin Steed

Rated: 5 stars

Best of the best!  I went to Todd Schwartz with numbness in my hand after recovering from a neck injury.  Thinking I had permanent nerve damage, since my fingers were numb for almost 5 months, I thought physical therapy was a waste of time.  Todd had my hand back to normal in only 3 visits.  My only regret is that I didn't visit him sooner.

Tess Oldroyd

Rated: 5 stars

Steve Crandal and his team are amazing. I went in due to pain in my left hip and thigh while running and sitting. After 5 weeks of treatment I am now pain free and am back doing the things I love.

Cole Parker

I had my very first appointment with Steve Crandall this past Friday and it was hands down one of the best appointments I have ever had. Steve was very open with me and made sure I was with him throughout every step of the process. I injured my back about 6 months ago and it has been very frustrating to deal with. After my last appointment, I now have confidence that my back can and will be healed. Steve set clear expectations and I am excited to come back to get my back working properly again. His knowledge and experience really show throughout the appointment. If you have the chance, set up an appointment with Steve or any of the other Physical Therapists at this office and I promise you will be taken care of!

Karen Miller

Rated: 5 stars

Steve Crandall and Marco Jones Brady have a wonderful facility with very knowledgeable and well-trained assistants. While I was at my appointments the therapist gave me all the attention I needed and thoroughly taught me what I needed to do at home. I realize physical therapy is not just a once a week appointment it takes commitment from you on a daily basis. Slow and steady and a lot of time are the best healer but having a good team working with you sure makes it easier to recover. Thank you Steve and Marco and your teams for saving my golf game.

Carolyn Bagley

Rated: 5 stars

Three years ago I walked into Steve Crandall's office and he began to give my life back to me!  Within a few minutes after examining me he told me I was out of alignment. This was a new diagnosis I had never heard.

He designed a therapy program that day. Through the last three years of weekly therapy Steve has taught me and guided me to wellness. I have very loose ligaments which cause my alignment problem.  I could not  travel or spend time playing with my grandchildren because of the pain.  Steve told me I was a candidate for a procedure called SI Joint Fusion.  He showed me the web site and I was excited to know that there was help for me. I had the surgery November 2017 and I now can join my family outings with my little grand children which are near and dear to my heart.  I have confidence and feel so lucky to have been guided to Steve's door and experience his special expertise!

Mary Markosian

Rated: 5 stars

I started therapy at time when I was in bad shape. Thanks to Steve and his team, going back two years I’ve come out on the other side a new person. So many of the people I’ve worked with have touched me with kindness and support, sympathy when I needed it and kind word of support when I thought I’d never get to where I am today. So thanks to Rachel, Denise, shauna, Amy, Ryan, Jordan, Katherine,  Lori, Justin and all the other aides that helped me along the way. Thanks to the business office and the gals at the front desk who always remembered my name. I am forever grateful!!

Rachel Keeney

Rated: 5 stars

The best PT clinic I've been to...and I've been to at least three others in the SLC area. Steve Crandall makes it clear by his words, actions and the time he takes at intake that he truly cares about his patients. He is extremely knowledgeable and even took my MRI to a group consultation to get other opinions. I had to get used to spending 2 1/2 hours, when other PT sessions are an hour, but it's SO worth the time!  There is a combination of modalities that are beneficial and the PTAs that do the manual work are amazing.  They take the time needed to address specific needs.  The staff is respectful and fun.  It's wasn't always easy to get the appointment time I needed with my work schedule, but I learned to make appointments for several weeks in advance and then it wasn't a problem.  Many people don't know that pain from scoliosis and herniated discs can be relieved from PT.  I have both.  When PT with a "regular" clinic didn't help, I went to a back specialist who referred me to Steve Crandall and it's made a huge difference in my daily level of pain and knowing what to do and what NOT to do as I exercise at home. PT with the right therapist can be a game changer!

Nancy Snow

Rated: 5 stars

I just finished my therapy for a knee replacement and am thrilled with my results.  Steve Crandall and his team did an awesome job and were so kind and caring. Rachel did such an amazing job on getting my mobility back so I can get back to by life 

 I would recommend their services to anyone needing a good 

Guy Brown

Rated: 5 stars

I can't say enough about the treatment  I received while rehabilitating my recent knee replacement.  Steve and his team are absolutely the best. Their knowledge of what to do and how to help you put that information to work is top notch. The physical therapy was great. The part I wasn't prepared for was the mental component. Everyone was positive,encouraging and helpful to make my recovery complete. My physcian was impressed with the progress and quality of my rehabilitation. If you are having knee surgery this is the place for physical therapy.

jasmeet singh hundal

Rated: 5 stars

Life changing experience, I have a back problem which made me realize that I can no longer be the same again. Pain became a way of life but then I went to see Steve and things changed, Steve and his team are really amazing and helped me with back and neck.

1) I like the way the program is designed and all the program is available online as well so you  can do your exercises at home.

2) Very knowledgeable team who exactly teach you how to use the right muscles,  the right way inorder to strengthen them.

3) Steve taught and gave me tips on how to take care of my back so that I can prevent this to worsen and remain fit in future.

4) Lauren and Rachel are two amazing ladies who helped me in fixing my misalignments( I dont know the right terminology 😋), so yes they straighten me out and I feel so much better after.

Finally, I would like to thank Steve and his team for making me stronger, making me feel better about my body and making me realize my limits.

I have had physical therapy in India at multiple places, and in the USA at multiple places but this is the place which made me better. It's a temple for me, I got fixed here. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs to get better and stronger.

Gary Routh

Rated: 5 stars

I was stopped on I-15 because of an accident ahead and was rear ended by a car traveling 80 miles an hour which caused severe whiplash and damage to my C4/5 and C5/6 disks and damaged the corresponding nerves in my neck.  I saw a prominent spine surgeon in SLC and has told that it would be necessary to fuse my neck in order to relieve the pain and numbness.  He said if I wanted to see a Physical Therapist, I could, but he was certain it would not help.  I was referred to Dr. Crandall who has helped me stay away from the knife and guided me through the recovery process for the last 9 months.  He and his staff are very well trained and professional with a large array of techniques and apparatus at their disposal.  If you are in need of the services of a PT go and see the facility, you will be impressed.  I have had occasion before to employ the services of a PT and Dr. Crandall and his facility are hands down the best.

Ryan Christopher

Rated: 5 stars

I worked with Steve Crandell and his team and had a very good experience. Steve is very knowledgable and was extremely helpful in working with my low back injury. Would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is facing an injury and wants to return to all of the activities that they love.

Steve Morrison

Rated: 5 stars

Dr. Crandall and his staff have been excellent. I've had an issue with my lower back and they were able to correct my alignment and give me the tools and training necessary to strengthen my core and get back to normal.

Timothy Jones

Rated: 5 stars

I've been to a couple physical therapists for my lumbar spine.  I had multiple minor and moderately severe disc bulges. Before I went to Steve and his team I had a hard time getting dressed, sleeping well, getting in and out of the car.  I would have constant pain for most of the day that kept me from being active and doing other things I loved. After just a couple visits with Steve I started feeling better.  After 2-3 weeks I was completely pain free.  I could dress myself, sleep through the night, drive and even run/exercise without any pain at all.  Weeks after his help and instruction I am still pain free and living life again!  If you're wondering if this group is right for you...THEY ARE!  You will not regret it.

Jacob Cook

Rated: 5 stars

I wouldn't go anywhere else!! Ever!! I can't speak highly enough about Steve and his staff at Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy! 

I ruptured my ACL playing indoor soccer and had some meniscus damage. After my surgery, I went to see Steve and was really impressed with his knowledge and experience from day 1. He's GOOD!! In 3 month from my surgery I'm running again and feel great! Everyone in the office takes really good care of you and they are so friendly that it was like going to workout with my friends.

Marci Curran

Rated: 5 stars

I have a number of chronic orthopedic issues and have worked with this clinic off and on for 12 years. They just keep getting better at what they do. The staff are well-trained, upbeat and work together seamlessly. Steve Crandall is a magician who can untangle my knots and get the muscular tug-of-war settle down in minutes. The therapy for sacroiliac joint dysfunction is spot-on. I'm hyper-mobile, so I am a tricky one to work with. Thankfully, my home PT program has been fine-tuned over the years, and as a result I don't have to go in very often. This time around I came for post-op rehab following an injury. They did a great job getting me back on my feet again.

Kelli Seelos

Rated: 5 stars

Dr. Crandall is amazing. I felt from the moment I stepped into the clinic that he truly cared about my well being and wanted to help me get better and live a better more active life. He is extremely knowledgable about necks. He explained things so well, I was able to trust him immediately. He tailored a workout routine that helped my neck gain strength and mobility. I improved dramatically. The staff was excellent. Amy worked magic on my neck after every session. I always left feeling better, stronger, and my neck felt loose and relaxed. Very friendly staff. Excellent experience.

Stephen McBride

Rated: 5 stars

If you ever need a physical therapist..... go see Steve Crandall.  He has helped me on and off for 15 years.  I have had problems with my lower back, S.I. Joints, and rotator cuff in left shoulder.  Orthopedic doctors I have seen say that Steve is one of the top 2 or 3 Therapists in Utah.  You won't go wrong!

danette wright

Rated: 5 stars

Steve Crandall and his team are amazing! I so appreciate their amazing care. He was so knowledgeable and positive from my vert first visit, and my entire experience there reflected his exceptional care.  Thank you Steve and PT team!

Diana Elms

Rated: 5 stars

I completed my post-surgery PT with Steve Crandall, Dari, and others at Hand & Ortho.  This is not the first time I have needed to work with PTs - but, it is by far the best time!...even though it hurt some of the time.  I felt like the people who worked with me really cared - I was not just a client/patient - but part of a family that was working together for a common goal.  I am grateful to all at this wonderful place of healing for their care, their grace, and the good will they freely shared with all!

Karen Miller

Rated: 5 stars

Steve Crandall and Margo Jones Brady have a wonderful facility with very knowledgeable and well-trained assistants. While I was at my appointments the therapist gave me all the attention I needed and thoroughly taught me what I needed to do at home. I realize physical therapy is not just a once a week appointment it takes commitment from you on a daily basis. Slow and steady and a lot of time are the best healer but having a good team working with you sure makes it easier to recover. Thank you Steve and Margo and your teams for saving my golf game.

Scott Engman

Rated: 5 stars

Justin was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional.  He set expectations for my therapy and discussed my progress each session.  I felt like he had an interest in me as a person and was truly dedicated in his efforts to get my shoulder back to 100%.  I  would not hesitate to see Justin in the future.

Richard Peterson

Rated: 5 stars

They did a really good job of rehabilitating my right shoulder after surgery. I highly recommend Justin Carrier and his assistants.

Maria Schwartz

Rated: 5 stars

I sustained an elbow injury recently. I was informed that my elbow was surgical. I chose to a conservative approach consisting of therapy, dry needling and the Graston technique. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to Justin Carrier, DPT, for going the extra mile in assisting me with the rehabilitation of my elbow and upper extremity!! I highly recommend Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists!!!

Kimberly Hamilton

I’m very impressed with this clinic. Very thorough. Justin Carrier listened to me and took interest in my symptoms. I would highly recommend this facility.

Tina Mitchell

Rated: 5 stars

Justin and his crew are excellent, highly recommend them! Facility is clean with a very friendly staff. They become like family. They also have a pool with a treadmill which was fantastic therapy for me! Would return to them  for any injury! Thanks Justin!

Monica Waddoups

Rated: 5 stars

Justin and his team were great to work with. They pushed me when I needed it most and helped me get back to my active lifestyle in no time.

Peter DeVries

Rated: 5 stars

Justin, Cory and Chris were excellent.  I was happily surprised that their treatment plan helped my knee so much.

Chris C

Rated: 5 stars

I injured my shoulder the beginning of September. I went from being able to do 20+ pull ups to only 1 and it hurt A LOT. 

After about a month of icing/heating/stretching/ibuprofen and even a steroid shot I saw no improvements so I reached out to Hand & Ortho.

I started to work with Justin Carrier and at first we had trouble pinpointing where the injury was. After a couple of visits doing soft tissue work we didn't see much improvement so we did some more ROM tests and tried to flare it up by simulating the pulling movement I did that injured it to help pinpoint it. This was what we needed to figure out what was happening and he then suggested we try dry needling. After a couple visits, the dry needling proved itself to be incredibly helpful. Now it's December and I can easily do 8-12 pull ups and I'm getting better daily.

Justin was incredible! He understood that I live a very active lifestyle and genuinely wanted to help me recover. He listened to my input and thoughts on the injury and you could tell he wasn't just letting me talk, he was soaking in all the input I had to offer and using it to help me.

Every staff member was super friendly and many learned my name and greeted me when I came in. This place is awesome. Don't get injured, but if you do then definitely come here for recovery!

Alisha Wheeler

Rated: 5 stars

Justin and team are awesome! I had a pretty severe fibula fracture/ankle reconstruction I was recovering from. When I got there I was a shaky walker and when I “graduated” a few weeks later I was back to jogging and spin class! Great facility and staff too-I Had to reschedule a couple times because of sitter conflicts and they were great to accommodate and work me in.

Robert Bond

Rated: 5 stars

After a total knee replacement I worked with physical therapist Justin Carrier and feel that I received excellent care.  I also appreciate the personal care from Mr. Carrier as he seemed genuinely interested in my recovery and he was most professional in how he related to me.

Nadine Jackson

Rated: 5 stars

Justin saves me when my back gets out of alignment after my many travels. I'm so glad he and this clinic are on my "health team" - I know I can get an appointment whenever I need it, and after a few treatments and fine tuning my stretching exercises, I'm on the go again.  Thank you Justin, Rachael and the others.

Emery Anderson

Rated: 5 stars

Justin and his team did a masterful job of both pushing me and helping me to dial it back so that I received the top level of therapy necessary to get the work done as fast as possible. Also, excellent instruction and goals for at home work that really helped my recovery time immensely.

Sarah Robinson

Rated: 5 stars

Justin and his team helped me so much! They are amazing! I would be much worse off if I hadn't come to Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

barbara young

I have needed  the healing hands  of Todd and his team on 3 different occasions, all for the same problem, related to a tipped pelvis. It left me with back pain with radiation down one or both legs, difficulty walking, and needing to use a cane for support 

From the initial evaluation to the joy of walking out the door, a happy and pain-free" graduate," I was treated as family: the sessions were at times very painful, difficult, but never without hope and lots of laughs!!

Thank you all so much. If I fall apart again, I know where to go! !

Jonah Erb

Rated: 5 stars

The people working here are great! I worked with Matt and his amazing team of aids. They take the time to make sure they are addressing all of your concerns. I have been to multiple physical therapy centers, but this has been my favorite. I would highly recommend Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist to anyone.

I love this place, I have had to come in for multiple injuries and every time they help me out quickly and effectively. Matt is my usual therapist and he is the best! Always in a good mood and very helpful.

Landon Willard

Rated: 5 stars

I am so happy with hand and orthopedic physical therapy. Matt, Brad, and the other Matt were awesome! It was great having them help me out! My mobility and strength have improved tremendously. My experience with these guys couldn’t have been better!

Richard Prime

I walked into therapy with a limp and pelvic floor weakness after hip and knee surgery.

Matt tailored a program specifically for me. Dillon, Brandon, Phil and the rest of the staff were encouraging and very friendly. The front desk staff was also very welcoming.

After just a few vists I became stronger, lost my limp and I am able to walk a mile no problem, which would have been impossible prior to therapy. 

If you are looking for positive results with great people I enthusiastically recommend Hand and Orthopedic Phyyical Therapy in Murray.

Crys Kevan Lee

Rated: 5 stars

I had and OATS procedure in September of 2016. When I started with H&O I couldn't walk. Today, I am running and playing Soccer, just 6.5 months later! The staff was super friendly and helpful. My physical therapist Matt G. is amazing and listens to everything I wanted to do and regularly checked my improvements and adjusted my treatments accordingly. They kept my surgeon regularly updated on my recovery process as well- so with that amazing communication I was able to have the best and most informed plan for me! Before I left we made a plan for strengthening exercises so this time of injury is less likely to happen again. I have seen many physical therapists in my active lifestyle of soccer, running and biking, but these guys are my favorite. I highly recommend them especially for knee injuries.

Sid Winters

Rated: 5 stars

Last year I injured my knee while running. I went from being able to run 4-6 miles to nothing. I was referred to Hand & Orthopedic PT and Matt Gubler fixed me up in a matter of weeks. I’m back to running again and I’ve sent two of my kids and my mom to see Matt since he fixed me. One of my kids had hip issues for years and finally had surgery. She was not recovering from surgery until she went to see Matt. My son had knee problems similar to me. They are both back to running. My mom broke her hip several months ago and was not getting better until she started seeing Matt. After 4 visits she was back on her feet. I highly recommend Hand & Orthopedic without reservation.

Nykell Seymour

Rated: 5 stars

Working with Matt Gubler and his team was awesome. They were always so kind and energetic! I also felt that they really cared about me not only as a patient, but as a person. I enjoyed working with them and will definitely go back the next time I need physical therapy.

Linda Rowberry

Rated: 5 stars

After having surgery on my hand I was given a list of physical therapy places to go to.  I chose Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists and I am glad that I did.  Susan Ozaki was  wonderful to work with.  She explained everything that needed to be done and had a very caring attitude.  I actually enjoyed gong to therapy!  Susan's to helpers Brooke and Kirsten were just as wonderful to work with.  They were fun to work with and they showed that they cared about their patients.  I would totally recommend going here for physical therapy.

David Terry

Rated: 5 stars

I tore a triceps muscle on November 6, 2016. Susan Ozaki and Kirstin and Kylie work in unison as a well oiled machine to provide treatment. The treatment is a combination of heat, light but intense exercises, including strengthening with play-doh, hand weights, machines, ultrasound and ice.

My triceps is back to normal. I will miss the weekly cameraderie.

Josh Carlson

Rated: 5 stars

Spent the last two months or so working with Seth and his team (Lindsay, Dani, and Jacob) to get me recovering in the right direction. They definitely know what they were doing and were willing to listen to my concerns and countless questions. I actually looked forward to going to therapy and hearing their praise when my progress was better than expected and their encouragement when it wasn’t. I have really appreciated their help and enjoyed the conversations with each visit. Although not 100% healed, I’ve “graduated” from their services and am now on my own. I’m going to miss seeing them and having their friendship. I would definitely refer anyone I know to them.

Becky Casper

Rated: 5 stars

After wrist surgery, I felt overwhelmed with the uphill struggle to regain full range of motion in my wrist and hand. In the early PT visits I was sad and at times hopeless. However, through the knowledge and encouragement and expertise of Seth Riley and his staff, I was able to overcome my feelings of limitations and now enjoy all of the activities I used to. Thank you so much!

Kelly Browne

Rated: 5 stars

Seth is an amazing physical therapist, whose tableside manner is the best on the business. He specializes in hand treatment, but I’ve also seen him for back and hip issues. He’s fantastic and his staff is also outstanding. Lindsay the PTA is also very knowledgeable and wonderful to be around. The staff here make every visit a pleasure. I highly recommend!

Kate Finlinson

Rated: 5 stars

Seth and his team were phenomenal! I was truly impressed with their knowledge, expertise, sympathy, friendliness, and professionalism. They are a fine tuned machine. 

My hand doctor is familiar with him on first name basis. When they ask me at my follow up appointments where I go for therapy, I just say “I go to Seth,” and they know exactly where I go. They sing his praises as well. 

Seth is committed to his patients and their recovery. My first week with them, he made a special accommodation to come in at 6:30 am so I could receive my crucial treatments. They are certified in the Graston method, and it is a miracle worker! I highly recommend it to further your recovery. 

They were so kind to my daughter too, as I sometimes had to bring her to my appointment. I enjoyed visiting with each of the staff members, as I received my therapy.  By the end of my recovery, I felt like I was saying goodbye to dear friends who had changed my life for the better!

Marie Seager

Rated: 5 stars

I have been seeing the fantastic therapist, and professional family here for a year now working with not one, but two different needs. I started working with Val for pelvic floor issues and ended working with Seth for tennis elbow. Although it took time, every minute was well worth it. I not only got my physical muscles fixed, I revived instructions to continue with  exercises to do at home. I highly recommend my friends to help anyone out.

Gordon Samoa

Seth and his staff are wonderful to work with..... They are friendly,always smiling and they're passionate about their jobs...

Mark Anderton

Rated: 5 stars

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  I'm thankful Seth and his team was recommended to me, he's the best in the business.  Without their help I would NOT have had the success I've had with my hand.  At the ER and hearing of possible amputation of my finger, i thought I would never be the same again.  Seth and Lindsey's expertise have brought my range of motion almost completely back!  On the first visit, Seth set goals for me to achieve and established a plan to accomplish it.  They did it!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Rated: 5 stars

Dr Riley and his assistants were all fantastic. Helpful, kind, patient and fun! They behaved professionally throughout but remained friendly. Their exercises were specific and relevant and they adapted them to my needs. I felt very cared for. Additionally, I felt that the therapy was crucial to my recovery and healing process and, with diligent "homework" I am back to (nearly) normal ahead of schedule! 

Thanks, guys!

Chad Pugh

Rated: 5 stars

I was referred to Seth by my surgeon after I cut off the top third of my left index finger. I am so grateful that he did. Seth is a miracle worker. His techniques and exercises made it possible for me to have a quick and basically full recovery. (Minus the part of the finger I lost.) He also has an amazing staff. So a huge Thanks to Lindsay, Alex, and Bre for taking such good care of me. And for making my recovery such a great experience!! I may just have to hurt myself again just so I can go back!!

Connie Felice

Rated: 5 stars

My experience with Hand and Ortho was exceptional. Seth Riley is one of the best Physical Therapists I have ever been to and I have been to many.   He and his staff work together like a well oiled machine. I never had to wait. They were always ready for me. They were very encouraging and positive. 

Over a period of 7 months they helped me with several physical problems which made walking and moving a challenge. I am so much better now. I just need to keep up with the home and pool exercise program Seth designed for me. I feel like I am leaving family. I know they will be there for me if I need to return.

Allen Whitesides

Rated: 5 stars

Seth, Lindsey and Alex were all great.  I looked forward to going to PT.  Everyone was so much fun which may the workout seem to fly by.

Allen Whitesides

kim olson

Rated: 5 stars

Seth and his team are the best highly recommend  them.

Neill Hopkins

I highly recommend the staff at Hand and Orthopedic PT Draper.   Seth is very skilled at what he does, Lindsey is great, both receptionists very customer friendly, and Alex is a delight to be around.   If you need PT, this is a really good place to go!

Nick Anderson

Rated: 5 stars

Could not recommend this place more. Came here for a problem with my hands that had persisted for years. The doctors and another physical therapist I went to couldn't figure out what my problem was. The first day I saw Seth Riley he had figured out where my problem was. Within a few months my problem had mostly gone away, and I was discharged. Now that it's been almost 10 months of doing my stretches and exercises daily I'm back to normal. The staff and his assistants were super friendly and always fun to talk to.

Lindsey Zuloaga

Rated: 5 stars

Seth and his team are amazing. I had some extreme tension in my neck that was causing problems all the way down in my hands. Seth quickly diagnosed the problem and got me healed and strengthened over the course of a couple months. I am now back to typing and playing the piano with ease!

David Corbett

Rated: 5 stars

Seth and the staff were truly wonderful. They genuinely care about their patients and their recovery. I highly recommend them.

Lance Kocherhans

Rated: 5 stars

Seth, Alex, Alex, Lindsay and Bre were amazing. I had to have my STT joint fused in May and in August my awesome physician, Dr. Allen Groebs sent me for PT to this group. I came in barely able to move my left wrist but after intensive PT I have great range of motion. All of the staff  were incredible professionals and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Ben Adams

Rated: 5 stars

I highly recommend Seth and his team.

 Seth and his team are amazing, passionate about what they do and truly want to see you get better. They have helped me twice now. Once in 2014 with neuropathy of ulnar nerve,  after my regular Dr and surgeon  that transposed the ulnar nerve, both claimed that there was nothing that could be done. And again this year, 2017, with a shoulder injury. Both times they have rehabilitated each injury with a evaluation, a plan, a goal and tools to get there. Like everything else you get what you put into it.   Having been told by Dr not if, but when i lose function of fingers I've taken the instructions Seth provided to heart and feel I haven't loss any dexterity that I've regained after  being ignored by my other Dr for the previous twelve years.

David Winberg

Rated: 5 stars

Seth, Lyndsey, and Alex were simply superb in helping me recover from my injury.  They were each extremely professional, caring and courteous during each of my 16 visits.  I would highly recommend them!

Bob Bauman

Rated: 5 stars

My wife was sent to Dr. Riley for arthritis in her wrist.  I accompanied her to her first visit.  At the time I had bad pain in my lower back and had been to a chiropractor twice with no real relief.  Dr Riley just happened to ask me how I was doing and I told him about my back pain. That day we set up an appointment for me.  He started me on exercises to strengthen the muscles in my back.  I am doing much better as is my wife. Many thanks go to Dr Riley, Lindsey, and the rest of the staff!

Derrick Isaacson

Rated: 5 stars

I saw both Seth Riley and Josh Fuhriman for two different treatments over the past 2.5 years. My top recommendation for both of them and their assistants Lindsay and Sharleis. They healed both my knees and my hand. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks Josh, Sharleis, Seth, and Lindsay!

alecia russell

Rated: 5 stars

The staff here are amazing! They truly care about each one of their patients and they take the time to help each individual work through their injuries at their own pace. I had hip injury that got so bad over the course of 6 months that I had to completely quite lower body workouts. After only 6 weeks of physical therapy here, I was back in the gym doing full lower body workouts again, totally injury free! Thanks Jay, Lindsay, and team!

Natalie Watson

Rated: 5 stars

This was THE BEST experience for physical therapy on my knee.  Jay Turcuato and his staff are all VERY attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.  I went in unable to walk down the stairs among many other physical activities due to my injured knee and Jay helped me strengthen specific muscles and educated me on various things I didn’t realize I was doing to favor the knee.  I am NOW running with better form, jumping and exercising without pain...and with a much stronger knee.  I seriously haven’t been without some level of pain in my knee for years and now I have NO pain.  If you are in need of physical therapy and you want it to be as enjoyable as it possibly can be, THIS is your place and Jay is the man.  It’s not easy but it’s worth it!!!  THANKS to Jay, Boyd, Jonathan and everyone else...I rarely do reviews but there no way I couldn’t do one for them.  The facility is very nice as well and a perfect location.

Justin Laura

Rated: 5 stars

Absolutely recommended! I picked this office based on the excellent reviews and I was not disappointed. Was extremely pleased with the level of personal attention from Jay. He tailored every session based on my condition and progress and it was never a standard routine. Jay also volunteered his personal time to attend an appointment with me and my doctor to better understand the situation and the extent of my injury. He truly cares about his patients and has a vested interest in giving them the best service possible. The entire staff is always friendly and welcoming as well. Definitely go here if you need a physical therapist!

Christine Francom

Rated: 5 stars

Jay was very professional,knowledgeable and kind.  He knew exactly what I needed to heal properly.  He gave information to help me in and out of the clinic.  His assistants were also very helpful and kind.  Best experience ever having physical therapy!   I highly recommend them.

Brett Zockle

Rated: 5 stars

Jay Turcuato sure knows how to get a guy back on the ski hill 5.5 months after ACL surgery. Tremendous attention to detail and dedication to his work. I can’t imagine anyone better, even if he is a Chicago Bears fan. With the assistance of Alex and Boyd (righteous dudes), I was put through the paces. Pushed just the right amount to keep things moving forward, never frustrating. Awesome atmosphere and state of the art equipment helped tremendously.

Dealing with insurance companies is a drag,

but fortunately the wonderful girls behind the desk handled it all and scheduling appointments was never an issue. Great staff.

Thx to all

Lauren Ericksen

Rated: 5 stars

I have been visiting this clinic for ankle rehab after a misdiagnosed syndesmosis injury ended in surgery. The team here is amazing! All of the staff are friendly, and it has been great to work with them. Dave Moss will push you hard, but the results always make the pain worth it. It is always easy to get scheduled, and the location is very conveniently close the the University of Utah campus. I would highly recommend coming here!

Matt Hanson

Rated: 5 stars

Dave and his team were great! Would definitely recommend them for your physical therapy needs. They helped me recover from a knee injury and feeling better every day. Dave was knowledgeable in the issues that I was working through and set up a great recovery plan.

Morissa Henn

Rated: 5 stars

Dave and his team were a joy to work with! After years of misdiagnosis on my hamstring, they figured out the issue and co-developed a plan to address it. After just a couple weeks I was already running faster and skiing harder then before...virtually pain free! Very satisfied and grateful.

Buthaina Abd Al Majeed

Rated: 5 stars

Everyone is great and very professional. David moss and his assistants are very nice and quiet. I am feeling better and a good health. I would recommend them to anyone. I hope good luck to all the staff.

Gregg Taliercio

Rated: 5 stars

Worked with David and his team through some lower back struggles. They gave me a great plan and over 6 weeks I was able to reduce my back pain to a tolerable level and get back to doing the things I love doing. I'd highly recommend him if you are looking to get back to that thing you love to do.

Todd Green

Rated: 5 stars

They say it usually takes 12 weeks to recover from the surgery I had, but with Dave and his staff's care I finished therapy in just over 7.  Dave is very knowledgeable,  friendly, personable,  and really listens to your feedback about your treatment.  He reinforces what is working with additional exercises and if there is something you feel isn't for you, he had a variety of techniques that he can substitute.   He is also great at managing your expectations and concerns explaining the healing process at every step. Though I hope I never need to, I wouldn't hesitate to go back in the future or recommend him to friends and family.

Nicholas F

Rated: 5 stars

Dave is a great Physical Therapist. He cares about what’s best for your recovery. He doesn’t push you too hard especially when you’re starting out, but gradually works you up to a full recovery. I’m very happy with the results I had post-shoulder surgery.

Rachael Hsu

Rated: 5 stars

The staff were all very accommodating. Dave and the PT assistants we're awesome to work with and really cared about my progress and goals. Gonna miss going to this place!

Steven Purhonen

Rated: 5 stars

Professional, attentive and thorough.  Dave is the best, he is so easy to work with and so helpful in teaching you what you need to know to get better.

Ryan Parrish

Rated: 5 stars

Dave and his staff are top notch. They are very knowledgable in the practice and have a good gage in determining each of their clients goals and needs. Thanks for helping get me back into the game.

Corey Hansen

Rated: 5 stars

Caring and helpful staff. Dave is excellent. Highly recommended.

Roy McDaniel

Rated: 5 stars

David Moss and his associates have done a great job helping me recover from ankle and foot surgery. They have helped me understand the reasons for doing each exercise and treatment, and they always treated me well, and with respect.  Most importantly, it’s been a while since walking on my foot has felt this good.

Nephi Beck

Rated: 5 stars

After several months of knee pain, I finally relented and went in for therapy. It was a good decision. Dave is very knowledgeable and friendly. He put me on a stretching routine and went to work. His staff was also very helpful and had me back on track in no time.

Janet Timothy

Rated: 5 stars

Whoever knew that torture could be good for you?  I was referred to the Hand and Orthopedic physical Therapists after shoulder surgery. Kudos to Dave Moss, Ryan and Aimee.  It ended up being lots of hard work but a very pleasant and rewarding experience. They guided me through the recovery splendidly.  I'm almost 100% now and am enjoying life again.

Cheri Beck Wright

Rated: 5 stars

Dave Moss and his team were great! Dave is highly experienced. I loved the various treatments they used to help with shoulder rehabilitation.

Kathy Durka

Rated: 5 stars

I was referred to Dave Moss for help recovering from surgery due to a torn meniscus.  He was professional, direct, and compassionate as we moved towards recovery.  His staff is professional, friendly and patient.  The gym was always clean and orderly and they were always happy to see me. Most importantly, he Helped me heal in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Dave to others and will not hesitate to use him if I need PT again.

Christian Lemieux

Rated: 5 stars

Dr. Matthew Cobb of Salt Lake City referred me to this clinic for pain in the shoulder and left arm.

From the first meeting, David C. Moss identified my problem and started treatment.

He understood my urgency and gave me a second appointment for a second treatment.

Even if I was only a tourist, I received a reception as if I had been a regular patient.

If I went to Salt Lake City, that clinic would definitely be mine.

Pete Floor

Rated: 5 stars

Dave and Steven take their job very seriously and does a very good job with the rehabilitation of their patience. I would highly recommend them to anyone how needs service in this field. Personally they have helped me two times now with both of my shoulders. They make it fun and engage in conversation as they work on you. I felt better every time I left after each session. 

Thank you folk very much for all your hard work.

Richard MacDougall

Rated: 5 stars

Very professional staff.  Dave Moss and Mitch were punctual and thoroughly explained the therapeutic techniques being used.  They were personable and had a good sense of humor--always helpful when one is in discomfort from an injury.  My achilles rupture definitely benefited from PT.  I highly recommend the climic.

Covina Spangenberg

Rated: 5 stars

I went in to see the physical therapist initially because I had been experiencing continual overall fatigue throughout my body. I also noticed that I was experiencing hip pain and aches each time after I would go for a 2-3 mile run. Dave Moss was my physical therapist. Our initial appointment was very nice and Dave really listened to me as I explained where I was hurting and the fatigue I was experiencing. He treated me like I was an individual and my case was unique to me, since each person's body is different. I really appreciated that. 

I was given an at home program to do daily, and I went in for physical therapy about twice a week for 5 weeks. Through the sessions we learned that the problem is most likely something going on with my lower back. At the end of the sessions I was able to run with less hip pain and ache and am experiencing fatigue less often. I was able to compete in the triathlon I was training for and had a great experience!

When Dave worked with me one-on-one he was fantastic; very involved and attentive. Overall Dave, Mary, and Steve were great and I did feel that they were genuinely concerned about my recovery and me as a person. They celebrated with me in my success! I appreciate all that they did for me.

David Stillman

Rated: 5 stars

Spencer Christensen treated my hands (carpal tunel and arthritis) and my feet (plantar fascitis). For my feet, he did something called Graston deep tissue mobilization; while the treatment was uncomfortable, it had amazing results in terms of my ability to walk without pain. Spencer is an exellent physical therapist, and a really nice person. I highly recommend him.

Joe Tamasonis

Rated: 5 stars

I started physical therapy after breaking my wrist, and Spencer tailored my treatment plan based on my circumstances and recovery goals. The entire team is thoughtful, friendly, and attentive. My injury has healed far faster than I expected, and I've resumed most of my normal activities. Would highly recommend Hand and Ortho

Nicole Pinnell

Rated: 5 stars

Spencer is a superb therapist who has helped me break through a variety of complex, long term issues. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone seeking for healing and answers.

Jessa Brock

Rated: 5 stars

I had an incredibly positive experience at Hand and Orthopedic. The facility is clean, warm, and well taken care of. However, their true strength lies in the staff. Every person I interacted with was engaging, caring, and kind. 

Megan and Christian, especially, both did an excellent job of being personable and professional. I was always especially glad to walk in and see one or both of them working.

Most importantly, my therapist Spencer was outstanding. He always took the time to explain the anatomy and science behind things in a way that was informative and never condescending. He has a good sense of humor and is fun to talk to while still maintaining a great sense of professionalism. I felt incredibly valued and felt like Spencer was personally invested in my healing. As I would look around the office it was clear he had the same level of investment for each of his patients. Spencer has a true gift. He has definitely chosen the correct field, as he is a remarkable therapist. I feel very lucky that he was mine. I don’t think I would have healed as fully (and with as much knowledge about the process) with anyone else.

Going to physical therapy is never anyone’s idea of a good time, but if you go to Hand and Ortho that’s exactly what you will get. I came to really enjoy therapy days, which I definitely contribute to the success in my treatment. Being discharged was very bittersweet for me. I was proud of the work I had put in and the results in my healing, but I will definitely miss the staff. 10/10 would recommend!!

Kallie Hanni

Rated: 5 stars

Greg and his entire team are so awesome! I’m so glad I went to Greg. He’s helped me so much and it’s such a fun environment. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Penny Llewelyn

Rated: 5 stars

Greg and his team are fantastic.  They individualize therapy to meet each person's needs.  Very friendly and caring people.  The the time you finish they are like family.  Highly recommend Hand and Orthopedic physical therapy.

ally Seelos

Rated: 5 stars

I loved my experience with Greg. I loved it so much that I am wanting to do an internship.

julie pace

Rated: 5 stars

I am an avid gym attendee and ended up I rupturing a disc in my back dead lifting. I was pretty dejected at my future prospects and was very leery to let anyone touch me. I have to say that Greg was amazing at helping me through my fears and NEVER hurting me! He is extremely gentle with his testing and pressure.  Greg is extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain the how’s and why’s of everything we did. Greg is such a genuinely nice person and has been so positive through this experience, he has helped me to see a bright future. It’s only been a few months since my injury and I’m back to being able to care for my family and on my way to being able to lift again.  I again have full range of motion. Greg was easy to work with and easy to schedule and his office and assistants are wonderful! I would strongly recommend him to my family and friends!

Jennie Roberts

Rated: 5 stars

I had a wonderful experience working with Greg. I had been dealing with a sore shoulder for months and after seeing Greg for a few weeks my pain was gone. Greg was very attentive, knowledgeable and thorough. I liked the amount of hands on treatment he provided. He also helped my daughter with longstanding shin splints so that she was able to compete in cross-country during the fall season. Without his help she would have been unable to participate like she wanted.  I would definitely recommend seeing Greg for any orthopedic injury.

Natalie Evershed

Rated: 5 stars

Greg and Mallory were so great to work with! I have been to a number of different physical therapy clinics with very little result, so after my most recent knee surgery I was skeptical at best. My knee is better than it has been in years, and that is in great part to the work put in by this clinic. I would highly recommend this clinic to any friends/family.

jaron sherwood

Rated: 5 stars

Highly recommend for your pt needs. Greg is caring and attentive to each visit. Malory loves what she does and cares about each of her patients. Great experience.

Jeremy Thompson

Rated: 5 stars

Greg was wonderful. He was very personable and friendly. He has a deep and confident understanding and spent time with me to make sure I understood as well. He ensured my visit was as productive as possible and later emailed me a personalized home exercise program. Highly recommend.

Kallie Hanni

Rated: 5 stars

Greg and his whole team are amazing! I'm so glad I chose to go to Hand and Orthopedic. They have helped me so much, and it's such a fun, personal environment. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family, as well as anyone else who is in search of quality, personalized, and effective care.

Drew Baird

Rated: 5 stars

Greg and other staff have been very informative and personable, care has been excellent.  I had two tendon surgical repairs.  Both needed significant physical therapy.  Exercise regimens, stretching, graston technique and integrated dry needling have all been helpful for returning and improving functionality.

Lynn Barnes

Rated: 5 stars

Greg has been great, right from the first visit. Sharon has really enjoyed working with all the different staff. she likes to complain that they work her too hard. She doesn't really mean it,and she knows that they really care and are helping her a lot. I would and will recommend your people  and your facility to everyone I know , if they need treatment!

Davie Smith

Rated: 5 stars

Extremely happy with the care I received at Hand and Orthopedic PT after my rotator cuff surgery. Greg really spent quality time with me on each visit and my recovery was completely successful. Between the surgery and PT, I have regained total and pain-free range of motion. 

I recommend Hand and Orthopedic to others and would not go anywhere else.

Madison Brady

Rated: 5 stars

I had such a great experience with this location. From the moment I stepped into the lobby until I completed treatment I felt very relaxed and welcomed. I have social anxiety, so doing things on my own can be a difficult task, but everyone was so kind and genuine it was easy to interact with them. Greg did a great job at including me in the conversation and explaining to me what was going on and why we were working on the different exercises. Everyone there helped keep an eye on all the clients and wouldn't hesitate to gently help out if they saw us slipping up on form, which is so important. You feel like you have a team cheering you on!

I also had the dry needling done, and was very confident in Greg, even though I was freaking out. His calm manner and friendly attitude helped me work through it

Royce McDaniel

Rated: 5 stars

Had a great experience with Greg at Hand & Ortho. I know the name sounds like they mostly hands but I saw him for recovery after my Achilles rupture. He was so involved in my healing. Greg was hands on and explained everything well. I would highly recommend him for any injury you might be working with. Awesome guy. Awesome company.

Zak Taft

Rated: 5 stars

Had an amazing experience with amazing results. Staff couldn't be better and Greg is the best in the business. Would highly recommend

Penny Llewelyn

Rated: 5 stars

Greg and his team are fantastic. They individualize therapy to meet each person's needs. Very friendly and caring people. The the time you finish they are like family. Highly recommend Hand and Orthopedic physical therapy.

Kallie Hanni

Rated: 5 stars

Greg and his entire team are so awesome! I’m so glad I went to Greg. He’s helped me so much and it’s such a fun environment. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

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Whether you have recently undergone surgery of a muscle, tendon, bone or joint or are suffering from a debilitating condition, you will receive the best treatment from one of our physical therapists who are specialists in treating your condition.

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Certified Hand Therapists (CHT’s) specialize in treating patients with hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder conditions.

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The soothing properties of aquatic therapy help heal the body while improving rehabilitation times and fitness levels

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Our highly qualified physical therapists are board-certified and have the experience and skill to treat your headache and neck pain.

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Dry needling provides relief for muscular pain, increases blood flow, improves flexibility, reduces inflammation and increases range of motion.

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Our physical therapists are skillfully trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat all running-related injuries.

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Our team of vestibular rehabilitation therapists treat the ill effects of vertigo, dizziness, gaze instability, visual disturbance, imbalance and/or falls

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Our certified physical therapists can help restore the natural movement of your jaw and decrease your pain by identifying the cause of your symptoms.

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Highly trained pelvic floor therapists treat men’s, women’s and children’s pelvic floor dysfunction.

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