Spencer Christensen, PT, DPT

Resident Trained Hand Therapist - Graston Technique Provider
Spencer Christensen, PT, DPT

Ever since my own traumatic shoulder injury, I have had a special interest in treating patients with upper extremity impairments. This eventually culminated in a passion for the miracle that is the human hand. I have come to appreciate the complex nature of the hand. When you come in and see me, I’ll inevitably bring out the anatomy book and show you everything that is going on in the hand. I love empowering my patients with knowledge.

Although I’m sad when patients come in suffering with pain and disability, my mantra is that therapy should be a positive experience for you as you experience your body healing. I am a firm believer in the benefit of having a positive therapeutic relationship with my patients. Losing hand function can often times be an emotional experience. I work hard to ‘tune in’ to where my patients are at in their recovery to give them the most optimal and complete care, both physically and emotionally. If we don’t have a laugh or two during our session, I’m not doing my job right. 

I studied and trained to become a resident-trained hand therapist in order to jump-start my hand therapy career. Becoming an expert in my field of choice has always been a life goal for my career. I graduated from Physical Therapy School in 2017 and completed my hand residency in February of 2019. It’s been a great ride! 

Along with the well-known aspects of physical therapy practice (exercise and manual therapy), I incorporate different techniques into my practice including: Graston soft tissue mobilization, joint and spinal manipulation, Mulligan’s Mobilization with Movement concepts, and Strain Counterstrain techniques. I am always looking to improve my skillset to meet the needs of my patients. I am a frequent gym-goer, a volleyball player, and an avid hiker.