Lauren Barlow, PT, DPT

Pelvic Physical Therapist
Lauren Barlow, PT, DPT

My enthusiasm for the human body and physical therapy began when I was a patient myself. That enthusiasm has grown into a passion for pelvic physical therapy due to the vital role the pelvis and pelvic floor plays in key functions and intimacies of life. I love working with men and women with pelvic dysfunction and my goal is to restore and enhance function in order to return to living a pain free and active life.

I strive to attend continuing education courses in order to advance and broaden my knowledge and skill set; in order to stay current with evidence based treatment and manual skills to provide optimal care for each of my patients. My goal is to provide my patients with genuine and individualized care.

I graduated from the University of Utah with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. I completed a pelvic physical therapy mentorship and am a member of the APTA’s Women’s Health Section. 

Some of the conditions that I treat include: pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, pregnancy related conditions, post-partum conditions, SI joint dysfunction, lumbopelvic instability, etc. I enjoy outdoor recreational activities with my dog, experiencing new cultures, traveling, dirt biking, running, and reading.