Shonn Tanner
Shonn Tanner, PT, DPT -
Graston Certified
Orthopedics & Hand

Majoring in exercise physiology and minoring in Chemistry I spent a lot of time studying the complexity of humans. While the interactions are complicated they can be understood in simple ways. I use a biomechanical perspective in treatment and try to help my patients understand their bodies in terms of simple machines.

Anyone who can imagine stacking 24 boulders on top of each other and the complexity of keeping them stacked can understand the interactions of the spine. While most of us do not understand the complex reactions, we can easily understand the concept and in simplicity how it happens. I consider education part of my job, to help patients understand what is complicated and make it simple so they can make informed decisions in their daily actions.

People are innately able to understand their bodies because they are constantly using this machine that they were given and interacting with their environment obtaining experiential learning. I believe my role in healing is as a guide this is why people need a physical therapist. It requires one on one time, analysis and hands on problem solving to help the patient make improvement they could not make on their own otherwise. I chose physical therapy because I have time to problem solve getting to the root of the issue, rather than just treating symptoms. That is why I love my job, I interact with people from all walks of life and help them move from an area of frustrated limitation to long lasting freedom and strength.

Born in the North West then growing up here in Bountiful and now living in Centerville I have a strong love for Davis County. I studied at the University of Utah for both my bachelor’s degree and doctorate in physical therapy. When I am not performing physical therapy I am spending time with my wife, son and twin daughters, serving in scouting and honing my skills as an amateur blade smith.

Orthopedic Specialty: Spine, orthopedics

Phone: 801-298-2533