Greg Martinez
Greg Martinez, PT, DPT
Certified Dry Needling

Our experiences shape us and help to create an individualized view of the world around us. Shattering my shoulder at the age of 14, going on service trips to Mexico, Guatemala, and Argentina, and seeing a previous quadriplegic patient walk into my clinic all helped me to see what I am most passionate about: change. 

Rehabilitating my shoulder injury helped me to see that my sports career could have continued longer if I had known more about the healing process and would have had more one-on-one time with my PT. Serving in other countries opened my eyes to the fact that people are motivated by different things and can find happiness in simple things. Working with a quadriplegic patient three years ago as a student was sobering. To be able to hug him recently as he walked up to me, made me realize that the human body is resilient and capable of healing.

I want to change the way PT was offered to me in my youth. I am committed to giving the most exceptional, one-on-one care possible. I want to get to know each patient individually to better understand what motivates them and use that as a catalyst for improving. I want to have more and more experiences that remind me of how amazing people are and how perseverance can help to overcome almost any physical barrier. Physical therapy allows me to create and experience that type of change on a daily basis.

Growing up in Davis County, I played multiple sports and spent plenty of time in PT as a patient. I received an Exercise Science degree from BYU in 2010 graduated with my Doctorate degree from the University of Utah in 2013. I am certified in Integrative Dry Needling, and I am currently working on a Manual Physical Therapist certification. I have worked with hundreds of youth athletes in a variety of sports with a focus on injury prevention including an alliance with Club V Volleyball and MetaSport Soccer. I love being active and participating in any activity that involves my wife and 2 kids.


Phone: 801-298-2533