Brianna Stewart
Brianna Stewart, PT, DPT

Optimizing individuals’ movement potential is a passion of mine that developed from by professional dance experience. The body awareness I developed through ballet training has led to a unique understanding of how faulty movement patterns can develop into unwanted pain and impairment. This understanding allows me to identify and treat the source of your pain while achieving your movement goals.

After dancing professionally for 10 years with the San Diego Ballet, I earned my clinical doctorate from the University of Utah and chose to complete a yearlong residency to increase my knowledge in orthopedics under Todd Schwartz, PT, DPT, OCS. I have sought continuing education in Graston Technique, spinal manipulation and mobilization, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and strain counterstrain techniques to assist with treating body dysfunction and pain. I am also pursuing my board certification in Orthopedics, a certification only 5% of physical therapists achieve.

I strive to gain as much knowledge in dance-specific training which allows for treatment of dance-related injuries with the dancer’s needs at the forefront. Recently, I have found joy in sharing my knowledge of common dance injuries to local ballet studios and universities in the pursuit to prevent injury before they happen.

In addition to dance, reading, yoga, Pilates, and hiking the Wasatch mountains with my boyfriend and dog bring me joy!

Orthopedic Specialty: Dance-related injury, Spine (cervical/thoracic & ribs/lumbar), hip dysfunction, knee, foot and ankle Non-traditional Specialty:

Non-traditional Specialty: Dizziness and balance, BPPV

Phone: 801-261-3321