Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) dedicate their practice to rehabilitate patients with injuries and conditions of the hand and upper extremity. As a patient, you will receive a customized care plan, by a CHT, to return to your unique activities of life. Depending on diagnosis or condition, you may receive a custom fabricated splint designed to treat your specific condition.

Common hand, arm, and wrist conditions we treat:

Custom Splinting

Our staff of certified hand therapists are experienced in all aspects of custom splinting. The process of splint fabrication starts with designing a custom pattern from which the splint is made of a low temperature thermoplastic material. The splint is secured to the body part with Velcro straps. The fitting and fabrication is specific to the purpose of the splint and for your comfort. The purpose of splints are to:

Your therapist will educate you in the wear, care and precautions of splint use.

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