• By Hand and Ortho
  • Posted April 10, 2018

The Antidote to combat Soreness

Yesterday you overdid it, those squats/ that new exercise/ the yard work has done you in and you are stiff and sore, oh so sore. So a few options come to mind, grit it out pretending nothing happened and pray that no one will comment on your limp and grimace, double your shower time wondering what you have gotten yourself into, or take a few minutes and give your body a chance to loosen up.

Feeling sore, albeit bothersome, is a normal part of getting back to shape and getting faster and stronger. During exercise your muscles undergo microtrauma which then rebuild themselves better and stronger in recovery. The antidote to this soreness is to get moving. Go for a brisk walk and get your body moving. Once you are warm, you can include some stretching to loosen up. Now is not the time to retreat to your lazy boy and give yourself the day off.

The body is incredibly impressive with so much potential to be strong and well. Don’t let your momentum diminish on account of a little (or a lot) of soreness. Movement is king. Your muscles, your joints, your flexibility, and your overall welling being crave activity. The use it or lose it principle very much applies to your bodies overall fitness, so get moving.

If you are unsure how hard to push yourself, worried about overdoing it and paying the price after, or concerned about how your body will respond after an injury; let us join your path to a stronger you. We know injury, we know exercise, we know manipulation, we know pain, we know soreness, we know the role your mind can play, and best of all we know success. Change, especially beneficial change rarely comes from maintaining the status quo. Don’t settle for unfounded limitations. We can help you make the changes that will provide the long term results crucial for your success.

  • By Hand and Ortho
  • Posted April 9, 2018

4 Powerful Benefits to Stretching

Following a brief warm up you bend down to begin your stretching, flexibility has never been your forte, but you make the mistake of looking over at the gal next to you who is now in a pretzel. What starts as admiration quickly turns to anger as cringe and force yourself a little lower. Yes, you have always struggled with some low back pain that nags every once in a while, and sitting for long periods of time makes you stiff, but there is no way you will ever be able to touch the floor and certainly no indication that a pretzel is ever in your future. Why is flexibility important anyway?

There are four primary benefits of stretching as outlined by The American Council on Exercise:

  • Greater range of motion and improved posture
  • The release of tension, soreness and stiffness
  • Reduced risk for injury
  • Enhanced mental and physical relaxation

It is easy to convince yourself that strength and aerobic activity are enough to maintain your fitness. However, with a little education of the benefits of stretching your entire mindset can be reset. Now you can capitalize on the benefits and reap the reward of relaxation, injury prevention, and improved posture. Flexibility is a key component to keep you off the sidelines and feeling good.

Now, if you want some masterful stretches perfectly crafted for your body, your imbalances, your tight spots, Hand and Ortho Physical Therapy has you covered. We can even throw in some strength building exercises
as well.